Garmin Varia Rearview Radar: This is also a compatibility feature.

Download the latest version of Safari for Windows, Android for Free

Safari browser is called as best browser for Mac and it is also the one which comes with this browser only. Safari is called as fast and energy efficient one than all other browsers, so the sites are much more responsive and the notebook battery also lasts much longer between the charges. Its built-in privacy features even helps keeping all browsing their business. The handy tools even allow you to save, find or share all your favorites. The safari for Windows Download also works well with the iCloud and let everyone browse seamless across all the devices. It is called as fastest way for browsing on Mac too and faster than any of the windows browser even.

Incredible feature

safari for Windows download

With the incredible fast engine of JavaScript, the Safari browser is called as the world fastest desktop browser that outperforms on both PC and Mac browsers in the benchmark on same. One can browse for longer time and even watch more. This browser is specifically engineered for Mac so it takes benefit of powerful technologies built into all. It is also the one that offers native support for playing HTML5 Video and Netflix. So when compared with Firefox and Chrome, one can browse for around 2 hours longer of watch Netflix videos for more than 4 hours.

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NOTE: Aka MS Remoteconnect ( is a website that allows you to connect to other devices via your Microsoft account. More specifically, it is a web portal, which allows for Minecraft crossplay on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One / Series X / Series S consoles.
You may need to make use of Aka MS Remoteconnect if you are attempting to play Minecraft on PlayStation or Nintendo Switch; especially if you are attempting to use the crossplay feature, which allows you to play online with other users, even if they are playing Minecraft on a different console or platform.

How to Repair Mountain Bikes and Maintenance at Home

Do you wish to keep your mountain bike in good condition? Therefore, I have a good number of guide for you to repair your mountain bike at home. This article will solve the question of how to repair mountain bike at home. Once you know how to maintain your bike then you do not need to spend your cash. It will not only save your pocket money but will make you aware of the defects too. The whole maintaining is never time-consuming, maybe it will take just 40-45 minutes.

Continue reading below how to repair mountain bike at home. They are easy and simple and consumes less time.

Best Mountain Bike Maintenance At Home:

1) Clean Your Bike Well:

First of all, for good maintenance of your bike you need to thorough cleaning the entire bike with a soap, brush or sponge to clean all the things like frame, seats, brakes, gears, pedals etc. And also make sure that you remove all the things from the bike including front and rear brake cables. While you clean all the dirt from the bike with a brush make sure you don't splash a bucket full of water. Just a drops of water is all it need. Before you fix all the accessories again, do add few amounts of bike grease.

mountain bike

2) Check Your Brakes:

While you repair your mountain bike be very sure about the brakes whether they are running properly or not. This is because if the brakes are loose, you will face difficulty while riding. If the brakes are too loose then you will have to replace it or tighten it.

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Mobdro Apk Download for iPhone/iOS, Free latest Version

Entertainment has certainly has underwent through various layer of change and today we can say it has become way more easy to enjoy it as per our own expedience. We live in the digital age, and with each passing day there is new things happening and taking place therefore it becomes important to choose right app that would suffice the purpose. Well in this piece of annotation we will unveil about how you can easily download the video and audio without long waits. Without further deferral, let us quickly see how you can easily download the video and audio with help of Mobdro app. Well, if you are not cognizant of the app then let us quickly take the delve into this app world.

Mobdro is an android phone application for downloading videos, song and movies the app is known for its unlimited downloading capacity in fact, it presents you more than 200 television channels absolutely free. It won’t be wrong to call it a holistic entertainment package as you can download unlimited videos, movies and song as per your own expedience. With Mobdro Apk Download there is no room for hassles and toll, as one can easily download t different format files without any hassles of conversion and so on.  It is not just an app where you can download your favorite movie but it has a lot more to offer and this is what makes it best when it comes downloading video.

MObdro Apk Download

With so many advantages and features it becomes tough on the part to really understand its various features and to help you here we bring you list of its features that makes it stand out of the rest.

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Are you a cycler? Garmin has got an edge cycling GPS to meet your needs!


Whether you ride just for fun and recreation or you are a competitive cycler, it’s always important to be able to track your cycling activity. Garmin are one of the foremost brands when it comes to GPS device production and they’ve got a variety of cycling GPS with exclusive consideration for different kinds of riders. Garmin edge GPS devices come in varying models; from the simpler models which can track basic data like speed, distance, race completion time etc. to the more advanced models which have routable maps, comparative analysis of cycling data, heart rates and so much more.

Garmin Edge devices use GLONASS satellites for improved signal lock, accurate location detection and have got long lasting battery so you are able to concentrate solely on your race. Now, let’s take a look at a variety of Garmin Edge devices that will mostly suit your cycling preference;

Garmin Edge 20/25

This device would specially suit the non-competitive cyclers, better still, this device is well suited for those who ride just for fun, recreation or maybe just for fitness purposes. By implication, the Edge 20/25 can be used by anyone. It captures essential information such as; time location, distance and speed. There’s also the Garmin Connect function which helps you customize up to two display fields depending on the kind of cycling activity as well as create a course navigation. Even though the Edge 25 and Edge 20 device share almost same features, the Edge 25 possesses some extra features and they include;

Smart notifications: This works with the aid of a compatible smartphone which when paired with the device, it displays notifications on emails, text messages and other alerts. Bluetooth Smart: This feature works with the Garmin connect which allows you to upload your cycling activities as well as download courses for cycling. ANT + Sensor compatibility: in furthering your training, the ANT + sensor can help measure your heart rates, and track speed. Garmin Live Track: This feature lets family and friends follow your races and training activities in real time. Of course, this is done through social media.

Garmin Varia Rearview Radar: This is also a compatibility feature

This is most suited for competitive cyclers. It captures more comprehensive data and helps to generally track cycling workouts and races which include; distance, speed, ascent or descent and time and like the Edge 20/25, it can monitor heart rates and cadence using the ANT + compatible sensors. The Edge 510 is a resistive touch screen device (gloves can be used on it) and with a simple swipe of the touch screen, it can help you display data for any of your customized data fields. Up to five different activity profiles can be created on the customized data fields based on different cycling activity like training or mount racing. The Edge 510 can similarly be paired with a smart phone using the Garmin Connect Mobile and this allows you to get real-time weather conditions as well share your real-time activities on social media with friends and family. If you use any of the modern smart phones, by downloading the Garmin connect mobile app, you can wirelessly upload your completed activities and download cycling courses.

Garmin Edge 520

If you want advanced cycling data or you are just performance oriented, then the Edge 520 is the device for you. If you also prefer buttons to touch screen, you should waste no time in getting this device. It comes in a 2.3 inch high resolution color display for screen clarity and also caters for poor lighting conditions. The Edge 520 is an upgrade to the Edge 510 and they share almost the same features. However, there are additional features which ensure the Edge 520 edges out the Edge 510. These include:

The Smart notification feature enables you get notifications of incoming texts, emails and many other alerts when combined with a compatible smartphone. The advanced performance feature which helps you with a comparative analysis of your cycling activity. This feature preludes the Functional Threshold power (FTP), setting up a new time in zone, cycling specific V02 (to be used with power and heart rate) and recovery and cycling dynamics.

Compatible with an Edge remote control, VIRB action cameras Varia bike radar and lights which are sold separately. Can be integrated with the Shimano Di2 electronic shifting which helps track your gearing as you ride .

Garmin Edge 810

The Edge 810 is an upgrade to the Edge 810 which was released last year. The Edge 810 shares similar features with the Edge 510 and two of its most exciting features are first its resistive feature which ensures that if you’ve got sweaty palms like myself of you’ve got a glove on, the device would still respond. Second is the ease to which you can switch into any of your customized profiles during a cycling activity just by swiping on the screen. The Edge 810 screen is quite larger than the Edge 510.

However the most conspicuous difference between the Edge 810 and Edge 510 is the presence of an inbuilt base maps which is also compatible with an optional detailed street or TOBO map which provides you with a location guide and navigation while riding. Please note that the Edge 810 maps are routable that is, if for any reason you miss a particular turn while riding, then you can get alternative route guides to help return you back on track.

The connection feature which allows for social media sharing, weather gathering and live tracking is also available on the Edge 810 with the aid of s compatible smartphone. You can also track and send wireless data to your phone via Bluetooth connection.

Garmin Edge 1000

The Edge 1000 flags as Garmin’s finest GPS device and combines the features in Edge 510, 520 and 810. It comes with a 3 inch high resolution screen which is complemented by an integrated light sensor to automatically cater for varying light conditions. The most outstanding feature of the Edge 1000 is its mapping functionality which is able to provide street-level navigations. Its maps are bike-peculiar based on the open-street maps which are community sourced. And with the Garmin connect which can be downloaded on your smartphone, you are able to create your routes having combined it with the maps and POI segments.

As an upgrade to the Edge 510 you can pair multiple ANT + sensors to track heart rates, cadence, speed, vector pedals for as many bikes as possible once they have been enabled at the start of the ride. With as many as 10 data fields, you can create training pages using your customized profiles to help for easy transitioning when you switch cycling activities. The Garmin’s advanced workout function as well as the Virtual Partner is available on the Edge 1000 to give you an amazing riding experience.

And of course, with the Garmin flagship device, you can enjoy connected features as with other models of the Garmin GPS device such as Live Tracking, social media exchange with friends and family, real-time weather information and much more but you’ve then got to pair the device with a compatible smartphone. It will also interest you to know that only the Edge 1000 uses Wi-Fi.

Since the Edge 1000 combines the features of all the models discussed above, you can expect to enjoy the following when you get the Edge 1000 device;
Smart Notifications to notify you of incoming mails, texts and other alerts when paired with your smartphone. The VIRB action cameras, Edge Remote control, Variabike radar and lights are all compatible with the device.

You can also track your gearing and stops while riding with the aid of the Di2 Electronic shifting.

For the sake of emphasis, you can be sure that your choice for any of Garmin’s cycling GPS device is essentially dependent on your reasons for cycling. The Edge 20 and 25 are simple devices that capture essentials like speed, distance and time. So when next you’re going foe that recreational activity, remember to get one! Now, if you are a competitive cyclist, the Edge 510 primarily suits you. The Edge 520 does have all the features of the Edge 510 hut with some advanced performance functions like the FTP and cycling dynamics. The Edge 810 combines the Edge 510 but gives an extra powerful feature like the detailed map view. The Edge 1000 gives an ultimate experience because it possesses all the qualities inherent in the Edge 20, 25, 510, 520 and Edge 810 and even more like the turn-by-turn navigation system.