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Download the latest version of Safari for Windows, Android for Free

Safari browser is called as best browser for Mac and it is also the one which comes with this browser only. Safari is called as fast and energy efficient one than all other browsers, so the sites are much more responsive and the notebook battery also lasts much longer between the charges. Its built-in privacy features even helps keeping all browsing their business. The handy tools even allow you to save, find or share all your favorites. The safari for Windows Download also works well with the iCloud and let everyone browse seamless across all the devices. It is called as fastest way for browsing on Mac too and faster than any of the windows browser even.

Incredible feature

safari for Windows download

With the incredible fast engine of JavaScript, the Safari browser is called as the world fastest desktop browser that outperforms on both PC and Mac browsers in the benchmark on same. One can browse for longer time and even watch more. This browser is specifically engineered for Mac so it takes benefit of powerful technologies built into all. It is also the one that offers native support for playing HTML5 Video and Netflix. So when compared with Firefox and Chrome, one can browse for around 2 hours longer of watch Netflix videos for more than 4 hours.

The stop auto play video feature

Safari browser is now preventing the unwanted and unexpected videos with the audio from automatic play while one browse. You just need to click on play button, if you are willing to watch them. One can have favorite site where they always want the videos for being played. Use per site settings in the Safari for enabling the media auto-play. Similarly, the security and privacy are not something that one can hope for, they are something that one must expect. This is why the features even help in protecting the privacy and keeping your Mac completely secure which are built on Safari.

Prevention of intelligent tracking

Remember when you look at green mountain bikes online and then you see the mountain bikes ads all where when you browsed. Yes, the Safari browser now makes use of machine learning for identifying the advertisers and more that tracks the online behavior and removes cross-site tracks data when you leave them behind. And when you do the private browser, the Safari doesn’t remember pages that you visit. One can also make use of Duck Duck Go which is a in-built search engine which doesn’t tracks the user and makes the web search pages private completely.

Sand boxing in this Safari browser for Android proffer the in-built protection against all the malicious code and the malware, simply by restricting what these sites can do. As safari run the web pages in complete separate process, the harmful codes through which one comes across in one page, gets confined to single tab of browser so it doesn’t crash whole browser or even access the data. Overall, this browser is completely stable and user-friendly for all.