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How to Repair Mountain Bikes and Maintenance at Home

Do you wish to keep your mountain bike in good condition? Therefore, I have a good number of guide for you to repair your mountain bike at home. This article will solve the question of how to repair mountain bike at home. Once you know how to maintain your bike then you do not need to spend your cash. It will not only save your pocket money but will make you aware of the defects too. The whole maintaining is never time-consuming, maybe it will take just 40-45 minutes.

Continue reading below how to repair mountain bike at home. They are easy and simple and consumes less time.

Best Mountain Bike Maintenance At Home:

1) Clean Your Bike Well:

First of all, for good maintenance of your bike you need to thorough cleaning the entire bike with a soap, brush or sponge to clean all the things like frame, seats, brakes, gears, pedals etc. And also make sure that you remove all the things from the bike including front and rear brake cables. While you clean all the dirt from the bike with a brush make sure you don't splash a bucket full of water. Just a drops of water is all it need. Before you fix all the accessories again, do add few amounts of bike grease.

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2) Check Your Brakes:

While you repair your mountain bike be very sure about the brakes whether they are running properly or not. This is because if the brakes are loose, you will face difficulty while riding. If the brakes are too loose then you will have to replace it or tighten it.

3) Inspect The Tires:

Tires also must be accurate so you must inspect whether the tires works well or not. First of all, start spinning the both the tires and check whether they are running smoothly or not. Check the disc brakes also if your bikes are having. Check whether the wheel spoke are also in the right position. You must also check the tire pressure if you find any crack or defect then immediately replaced. Or else you might have to lose your spoke.

4) Inspect the Pedals:

For smooth running of your mountain bike make sure you check the pedals. Spin both the pedals and then see whether the pedals moves freely or not. If there is any cracking sound then you need to repair it further or replace it when required. Try also to spin the pedal hard and see how the chain works. If there is any disturbance in the chain then add few drops of grease on it.

5) Inspect The Lights: 

Now check both the front and back lights and see whether they are bright. Replace the lights if it does not work well. Therefore, remember that your bike lights must be clear and bright.

6) Check on Gears:

While riding your bike, your gears must be changed swiftly. If there is any disturbance on shifting the gears then give a regular check on that.

I hope you got an answer to your question how to repair mountain bike at home. Just follow this simple tips and you are done with repairing. No need to spend huge cash in repairing when you could repair yourself. But remember to handle it carefully. Enjoy riding on the mountain.